Sunday, January 25, 2015


Looking  like decapitated Trojan horses , these cranes symbolise the difference  between the Newman Government , which wants to  lease the ports of Townsville and  Gladstone , while  the  ALP wants them  to remain  as  state  assets. 

In  this  Trojan War  the LNP  urges  the  voters  of   Townsville  to  let  its   nags full of   hidden  treasures-really economic cutthroats- inside  the  city  and  the  bookies  will  look  after  the  community . Like  Helen of Troy,  ALP Leader, Annastacia Palaszczuk,  warns  against  the   abduction  of  the  ports  by  slash and burn   geeks saying  it  will  lead  to  the  destruction of  jobs .  
Annastacia spoke  against  leasing  the  port and the local power  utility  at  the  above  rally in Townsville.  With  her  were  the  candidates  for  the  three  Townsville  seats-Scott Stewart  (Townsville ), Coralee O'Rourke (Mundingburra)  and Aaron  Harper  (Thuringowa ).  A speaker  at  the rally stated the   Newman government had already  paid  $90million  to  consultants  planning  asset stripping and a further $20million  had  been  spent  on  the  advertising  campaign. 

Clive Palmer has added  fuel to the debate about Queensland asset stripping  by saying  that Chinese  interests are planning to take over the power supply  in  Queensland  and  NSW, specifically saying  that if  the Newman Government is  re-elected  the Chinese will move in  on  the state's  power  assets . He branded it a  national disgrace . Premier  Campbell Newman  has  just responded by limply  saying  any such  move  would  be  subject  to  the  Foreign  Investment  Review  Board.
Preparing  for the  ALP  anti asset  stripping rally in Townsville .