Monday, January 12, 2015


Premier Newman calls  in Toad of Toad Hall 
BRISBANE :  In a desperate bid to save  his seat of Ashgrove, Premier Campbell Newman has promised to  build a toad museum  in  his electorate if he  does not get  run  over  by  a Mr Whippy van  while mixing with real people on  the  campaign trail. An artist’s impression of Toad Hall , the first of 20  to  be  built across the  state , is exclusively  shown above, based on one in Thailand . The ALP immediately said this weird proposal shows that  the  ratty and rattled  LNP  is  running  a desperate Wind  In The Willows  Tv,  hot  air  and  spin campaign  . 
In a  fighting statement , Premier Newman said  that if  he is squashed  as a result of the vote on election night,  he hopes the LNP  survives to rule the  lily pond  and  will  not waive construction of the Ashgrove  toad edifice  as  a  memorial  to  him. A string of  toad museums   would   boost  the  tourist  industry , he croaked , and  could  be  quickly converted  into  casinos  as  well  to  raise revenue .