Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Australia's top  secret inflatable Johnston Class  attack submarine  is shown being shadowed  by a nuclear powered  Chinese  spy  vessel  cunningly disguised as a  barnacle encrusted , plastic Toys-R-Us sailing smack . Due to a security   D (Cup) Notice  we cannot  let it be known  that  the sub is  moored  off Townsville  and  that  Magnetic Island is in  the background.  Latest  reports indicate the Chinese  have already  gathered   secret  information on  Australia's expensive  proposed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter ,nicknamed The Bankruptcy Maker ,   and  captured  wiring  plans for  the billion dollar ASIO headquarters in Canberra, making it now only available  for  unwashed  backpacker  accommodation   and  full  moon  parties. Because the Townsville media does not contain one shipping reporter , the  fact that  the shiny  submarine and  the Chinese spy vessel  are in port  has  gone unreported. Only one-eyed Cyclops  has obtained  this  scoop and  the sure Walkley Award  winning  yarn  about  the  Loch  Ness  Monster  taking  refuge  in  Townsville.