Wednesday, January 14, 2015


From time to time  this blog has commented on the demise of shipping reporters in Australian journalism, the  situation  evident in  the ports  of  Darwin in the Northern Territory  and  Townsville , Queensland .

A classic example of the neglect  of shipping   by  the media  is the fact  that in Townsville  during the terrorist atrocities period  in Paris  has been the bulk  cargo ship (above) with  a   clearly French  sounding name ,  La  Guimorais .

The  specially built  shallow draft vessel is operated by Louis Dreyfus Armateurs , a  French  family company which has been engaged in  maritime transport  and  logistics  for  more than 150 years . Back in the olden days of  reporting , a shipping  reporter/s  would have been sent along  to a French ship in port  to get  a  local  angle on the massacre .

The Louis Dreyfus company flag and  French tricolour flying in a position indicating-not yellow fever aboard-but  signalling that a fleet of scribes  entering Cleveland Bay  hit  Salamander  and  Smug Reefs, the  skippers asleep  at  the helm .
News Tip  for landlubber reporters : Why has that launch been  half submerged at a buoy in Townsville for months , is there any danger of  the waters,The Strand sand  being polluted , who owns it ,  why  has the  port authority allowed it  to continue in  this state , what  are  the owner's  plans  to  refloat, will there be room  for  it in  Noah's Ark  superstadium , depicted as the Wreck of the Hesperus ,  Joyita  or Mary Celeste, etc, etc. ?