Wednesday, January 7, 2015


As  well as  dropping  in  for some  more  yummy  Dutch  Maasdam cheese , Dracula , the  recently  released into the wild  Coucal , is  also receiving  tasty  treats such as cockroaches , March  flies  and   beetles. The Queen of the Jungle on  Magnetic Island , North Queensland , keeps a   container of goodies  for  the Coucal who announces its  presence on  her  doorstep   with   a  distinctive   call . Still shuffling due  to  her knee operation , the Queen  calls  the bird  by its  name, Dracula,  and  it  hops about  in expectation of some  goodies . As  the  saying  goes, when  you  are on  a  good thing , stick to  it .The  cheese , in  particular,  is  highly regarded  and  he comes back for seconds . Curlews who  frequent  the area  now  regard  Dracula as  an  interloper and one had a  fight  with him , telling him to fly away and find his own  pad . Surrounded  by assorted wildlife , the  Queen is  convalescing  by  making  a  Curlew  mosaic  mirror.  

Little  Darwin's well  fed  Curlew family say cheese for camera.