Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Dripping  Queensland  Premier Campbell  Newman  making sure trick cyclist Tony Abbott  is not seen anywhere  during the election campaign by  personally supervising the  erection of  1000  no -cyclists  signs throughout the  Sunshine State .  Newman  made  the  point that  he did not need the Prime Minister  to hold  his  hand while electioneering.  Instead,  he held  the  hoary hand of the   Acting Prime Minister ,  Warren "de-Padded " Truss , of   the  never  say  boo  to  the  Liberals  Notional  Party .
But hang on a moment , wasn't  Tony Abbott  warmly welcomed to  Queensland by  the LNP   and   seen  glad-handing, back slapping  Can Do Campbell  during  the  two   Brisbane  by-elections   period  last  year ?

Yep. At  that  stage, the LNP  held  just about every seat  in parliament  except that which was occupied by the Stone of Scone , and  was projecting itself as  the dynamic  force  with  vision , plans  for an underground Olympic  cycling  velodrome  in   downtown  Brisbane  and  another  on the  tip of Cape York Peninsula , near the overgrown  proposed  site  for  Joh's   space  rocket launching  pad.  Somehow , the LNP emerged with  flat  tyres  in  both by-elections , with massive swings against it ,  which  if  repeated  at   this  state  election could see  the  LNP  told  to  hit  the  tarmac . It showed the PM was as popular in Queensland  as  a  NSW cockroach in  a State of  Origin match.

As a result , there are now  signs going up on beaches and wharves  throughout Queensland  to prevent Tony and  tricycle  being  smuggled in aboard an  inflated  pigskin   bladder raft  paddled  by  his  close cobber , Senator  Cordy  Bernardi.