Tuesday, January 27, 2015


BRISBANE : With much fanfare, like the swearing in of  a  new Knight of the Garter,  Premier Campbell Newman, Treasurer  Tim “Slim” Nicholls  and Deputy Premier Jeff  Seeney  launch   election  costings .  Oops! There  is  a  $200million  “obvious typo”  in  the  document .

CANBERRA : Sir  Lancelot  says  Campbell Newman is a  strong leader , with strong plans , strong border  protection that  keeps   out  undesirables  from Canberra.

TOWNSVILLE : Enter  the  Tasmanian tigress , Senator Jacqui Lambie, who  sets up    a pill box  outside the Lavarack  military barracks and  reminds  the ADF  voters and passing motorists  to send a message  through  the Queensland election  that the Abbott  government   should  be  hung  high  and low  for  cutting  the  pay of troops .Onya Jacqui!

MOUNT  ISA : Out this way , the  hills  have  reverberated  for ages  to  the relayed  radio   comments  of  Sydney shockjocks. As a  result, the largely receptive audience is gunning for  Brisbane  and Canberra  and  Katter mark lll  of the KAP and dynasty  is riding high in the saddle . One of Little Darwin’s informants spends a lot of  time in the outback  and  said  Katter , not sure which one , walked into a pub at the “Curry”-Cloncurry- and said the  drinks were on him. As a result   Katter  is  king  out  in the parched  Injun terrain.  In this vast region   Federal Agriculture Minister  Barnaby Joyce  is  regarded as  usefull  as  tits on  a  bull and not  much  chop in a Canberra  Liberal  dominated  dogfight.

MAGNETIC ISLAND : The  ALP  island branch secretary ,Linda Wootten, a wildlife carer , has been  distracted from  campaigning  by a request from a woman to arrange the  removal  of  two  Death Adders. Trying to  remove  the  Newman  Government  is  a  mammoth  task ,  dwarfed  by  the problem of how  to  deal  with  an obvious  family  of   vipers  in   your  territory.A crocodile  has  been seen cruising about the island , Linda  draws the  line  at  tackling a  saurian .