Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This  very day it   is  possible  to experience  the  same strange   force which  surprised    Captain  James Cook in 1770 . While exploring  the Australian east coast,  Captain Cook noticed that  his  compass  went  haywire when he  sailed  by  a  mountainous  island ,  so  named  it  Magnetic Island .

Today the  vehicular  barge service   which runs   between Townsville and the  island experiences  the  same  interference  as  that  of  Captain Cook .    A Little Darwin  roving  reporter discovered  this  situation  when  he  went to pay for  a  car on  a  barge.  The  woman  handling the transaction  twice  encountered   difficulties printing out  the ticket   with  the  computer  and  said  it  happened  regularly when  the  vessel was  close  to  the  island .

When  asked  if  it  was the  same situation as  experienced by Captain Cook, she replied in the  affirmative,  added  that  it could also  affect  settings  in  the  wheelhouse . So  there  you  are , me hearties  and landlubbers, you can sail in  the wake of   Cap'n  Cook ,  not  get  scurvy  during  the  voyage , and  be  greeted  by  hula  girls when you land - in your dreams .