Thursday, January 22, 2015


LIGHTS, CAMERA , ELECTION : To avoid  playing the leading painful  role  in the horror movie ,The   Ides of  March, Premier  Newman  announces  early  election  to  media  actors.
In its desperate bid to become a box office hit instead of    floperoo ,  the Newman Government is using  a Puberty Blues  movie  theme in  its  television  advertisements .

These  depict  the LNP  team as a  muscular surf boat crew stroking into the breakers  and  then  riding  the bombora  back to shore  to the  cheers of  spunky chicks  and bloated  carpetbaggers   stomping  about  on  the  beach  at  Surfers  Paradise. With  so many  tubby  candidates  who look as if   they  would have trouble  pulling on  their  boots  let   alone  pulling  on  a  oar ,  it  is surely  a  bit deceptive presenting  the  LNP  as  healthy  life savers .  

In these  clips  the  Australian  Labor Party  is depicted as an  inept surf boat  crew in a Perfect Storm  which   broadsides  and  is  swamped, like a perished and punctured   rubber  ducky  with  a  rusty squeaker  .
Premier  Newman invoked the power of  celluloid when he  strolled about  a lifeless  movie set  , possibly  being  prepared  for The Curse of the Mummies , offering  millions of  bucks to  overseas movie makers and  endless buckets  of  tasteless  popcorn . This  caused  a  highly successful Aussie  filmstar who lives in a  castle to shout , “Get stuffed !”  Not  the  response  the  LNP  wants  from  voters. 

In the case of the Palmer United Party ( PUP) , where  Clive suddenly  disappeared, it is working on a powerful campaign  movie,  soon to be screened , which will be  a mixture of Jurassic Park and Lassie  Can’t Come Home to the Election Launch because she’s with  the  Vet ,  plus a  Saturday  matinee Jaffas   and scone treat , namely   Son  of  Joh.

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