Sunday, January 4, 2015


The  inimitable art of  American Bucklee  Bell  often expresses  his concern  about  important  global  issues-such as  genetic modification (GM)  of  plants. The showman in the centre of his above  painting  welcomes one and all to  Monsanto's  Garden  Freak  Museum .

Here in Australia where  we are force fed sport, sport and more sport , fireworks, celebrities and  triviality in  much of the media , GM  gets  little coverage . Recently, however , the Weekend Australian  ran a  report  about  China  refusing to accept  American  GM  hay which has  caused  consternation .  The American not  for profit , independent  journalism for positive change website,    NationofChange , has long been running  reports about the   GM  battle in  America  and  in  other  parts of  the world .

It  ran the  Chinese rejection of US hay before  it got a  mention here  in Australia. Another  item of  deep interest to Australia    covered  by the Nationof Change was  that  the Alliance of Food Sovereignty Africa  (AFSA) has written  to the  Gates  Foundation  expressing concern about  a "  super banana " developed   in the US  with  foundation money  and Queensland University of Technology  researchers , soon to be  tested on humans . If considered  okay, it would  be  further tested  in places like Uganda . Surely there is a major news story here  in  Queensland  and elsewhere  in Australia ?

( Incidently,Gates and  party recently flew into Townsville in two jets and  went out to a  luxury yacht, which  from a distance  looked like the flagship of the US Seventh  Fleet , and went diving on a wreck. Wonder if they got stuck into the local bananas and Bowen  mangoes  ?)

NationofChange  also  reported that Oprah was  under attack over  running a GM  product in her magazine . This comes at a  time when  the  excellent, very chewy  ABC  consumer  show The Checkout  reported that Oprah  loves running   items  about so called   wonder   ingredients   from  jungles  or  distant lands  with claimed  health benefits which  by and large don't stand  up  to  medical and scientific  examination  or  claims of people  flogging  them . 

NEXT : Politics , Cheney  and  water boarding , the use of  drones  in  warfare...just for starters.