Thursday, February 5, 2015


The  eventual troubled mind of  INXS rock band  founder and lead singer   , Michael  Hutchence , who suicided  in  a Sydney hotel  in  1997,  could  be  reflected  in  the above   sleeve  on  a  not  for   sale  promotion  record   found  in  a Townsville , North Queensland ,  op shop.  Hutchence  spent  time on  nearby  Magnetic Island  and  on  one  visit to a  café  gave a  staff  member  a  $20 note   to get  him a packet of cigarettes, then told her to keep the change . Another Townsville  discovery is  the  1983   INXS , Dance,  see  Sabotage cover  art below , a  45  recorded  at  Emerald City Studios , Sydney ,  manufactured  and distributed by WEA Records. A former  boyfriend of  Kylie  Minogue,  Hutchence   fathered  a  child,  called  Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily,  with the  former  wife  of  Bob  Geldof, Paula Yates, who later died from a heroin overdose. Tiger Lily was the subject of  a bitter  custody dispute at  the  time of Michael's death and  he had a wild telephone  conversation  with Geldof  the  night  he suicided . Tiger  Lily's half sister , Peaches Geldof ,  also died of  a  heroin overdose  in  April l ast  year . Tiger Lily vowed to look  after  her sister's two children ;  Michael  Hutchence's sister  issued  an open letter urging  Tiger Lily to return to Australia. *4TTT-FM is Townsville's  pioneering  community radio station  which will  be  the subject of  a  series later  this  year .