Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Contrary to  bizarre   previous posts  in  this blog claiming this  contraption  is  Australia's  top secret new inflatable Johnston class  killer submarine under attack by the  Red Baron , it is actually  the dredge  Everglade  cleaning out the Breakwater Pacific Marina  access channel  in Townsville , North Queensland . Sand and  silt and  whatever  is  being disposed onshore . But where? With the proposed   dumping of  sludge  on the Great Barrier Reef   at Abbot point  a deservedly red   hot issue , then  the  criminal alternative to  dump it  in  wetlands , you would  think the Queensland  media along the coast  would keep a close watch  on any dredging  going  on  in  their  barnacle patch  .   Not in  Townsville,  where the  Everglade  has been  working for  many weeks , having  previously  dredged  the Ross River for  the Department of  Transport  and  Main  Roads. A  veteran  grumpy  reporter  living  in  retirement  in  the area  said  obvious  questions  the  media should ask  the  Townsville Port Authority  are  what is happening  to the  discharge , large  pipes disappearing  near the main wharf area,   is  it  going  into reclamation, if so, where , what   tests ,  if  any , are   being conducted  on  the  discharge  as  a study   has  revealed   that   there is a problem  with  lead, arsenic , nickel and  cadmium in playgrounds.  Any  in the  sludge coming out of the harbour ?  The kind of question you might expect alert  journalists  to ask .    While   asking  the  port authority  for  info, journalists  might  also  ask it and the Maritime Safety Organisation  what the hell  is  this  submerged  vessel ,  below, looking  like the  Joyita , centre of a Pacific mystery, doing  in the Duck Pond, having  gone under  about  last  May. This  being  the  cyclone season, might it not break away   from  its mooring in  wild seas  and become  a  menace to  shipping  and visiting  nuclear  submarines? 
German U-Boat in  Duck Pond ?
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