Monday, February 2, 2015


The  cover paintings  for  these  two  New  Zealand  circa  1930s  travel brochures   were  by  Leonard  Cornwall  Mitchell , a leading graphic artist of the 20th century, some of  whose  posters  are  in  the  Australian National Gallery  collection.  The  swimming  pool  painting  was  converted  into a  poster  entitled  Blue Baths , Rotorua . In 1944 , the Hereford Printing  Co. Ltd., Wellington, brought  out  a  collection of sketches  and  cartoons by  Mitchell  with  verse   by  Ian MacKay  dealing with trout  fishing . Mitchell also   submitted  ideas  for  stamps  and coins . Some of his  scenes were  like the  folksy  covers of  the American  Saturday  Evening Post. His  holiday  posters ,which now  sell  for up to $400 , included  the  popular  ski resort of  Mount Cook .

The other  cover in  the above  illustration  is of  Mitre Peak, Milford  Sound . Charles Weetman( 1905-1990), attached to the  Australian National Travel Association  and  Assistant Editor of  the now non-existent  great  magazine , Walkabout , which ran articles and  advertisements  from Kiwiland , passed  to  his son  the  Mitchell posters , in turn  donated to the Australian National Gallery.  (Brochures  in Little Darwin  South  Pacific Collection .)