Saturday, February 7, 2015


So Long , It  has been Good ( sob) to  Have Known You, Tony .
Queensland  Conservative senator Ian Macdonald, above ,  injecting  a touch of  the blemished  mango into  the running  musical comedy  surrounding  the  future of Prime Minister  Tony  Abbott . Behind him  in  a tropical setting is   an attractive green upright  honky  tonk  pianola . Tunes played on  it  in coming days will   undoubtedly include  the Defrocked Monk,  by Niki  Savva ; the  Stuffed  Goose ,  by  ABC Cabinet Kitchen presenter,  Annabel Crabb ,  and Malcolm  Farr's popular  drunken  footy club  ditty ,  Roll Me  Over  in  the  Clover.  Adding to  the sing along, Communications  Minister Malcolm Turnbull  , whistling the old love song  popular 37 years ago , Come into the Garden, Maude, invited his  beloved  Lucy  to step outside for  a  morning stroll, just in  case the media  are  there .  Meanwhile there  are unconfirmed  reports  that  former ALP Prime Minister Julia Gillard is being treated  for  hysteria   and   incontinence, a condition known in  medical jargon  as  pissing  yourself  laughing , keeping tonsorial Tim busy with the  mop .