Saturday, February 28, 2015


On  my  CV seeking  gainful employment ,  I can now include the rare skill of being able   to converse in  Coucalese . Just the  other day I was down on  my knees , armed with a camera , talking to Dracula, Magnetic Island’s cheese  eating Coucal. Dracula , a short  distance  away, inspected  me  closely.
Then  our discourse opened  by  me saying , “ Hello, Dracula.”  Dracula came closer and I tried to focus  the  camera.  To  make  him feel  at  ease , I  imitated his distinctive  call,  “ Whoop! Whoop!”  This  had an instant impact . Up went his feathery mane, down went his head, and a  throaty Whoop! Whoop! issued . 

I replied  similarly , so did  Dracula. Seemingly, this could have gone on for ages but may have brought on an attack of arthritis  in the knees . Passers by  and  horses  would , no doubt , have  shied away had they seen this scruffy  looking  bloke down on his  knees  making  strange noises. Dracula scurried  off into nearby undergrowth after insects, then reappeared. Whoop! Whoop! The same to you, Dracula. A  jolly exchange  took place.
Dracula  has  been romping about the Queen of the Jungle, the cheese lady, and at  times  becomes “naughty” when she offers him Curlew food , not cheese .   On one occasion he fluttered up onto her head and  like a phrenologist read the bumps on her cranium, some  from  a motorbike accident  in  Germany  long before the Berlin wall  tumbled . 

Having sharp claws, he was told in no uncertain terms to get off her head , so flew  onto the back of a large concrete  emu  in  the  garden. When a  Kookaburra with an injured wing  came in for a feed  and took up its usual perch on a projecting pipe, Dracula snuck up behind it and pulled its tail, then  flew  away.  At times Dracula sits on the canopy of  the Queen’s Mini  Moke parked under  the  house .