Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Being developed  at Long Beach , California, the blended wing fuselage challenge to the Airbus A380 ,  is designed to carry 1000 passengers  at a cruising speed of  654 mph  with  a  range of  10,000 miles. It has a wingspan  of 265ft, 54ft more than the 747.  Already it  has  been  dubbed  the  Airbus  Crusher and is made from  recycled   coathangers . In  aeronautical  terms  it  is  a  hoax .
This  interesting story provided  by  former high flying  Adelaide antique and pre loved coffin  dealer, Alan Jones, who can make  fabulous model aeroplanes out of  coathangers  and  is  now  seen  dashing   about  like  Biggles  at  Irish  auctions and mixing with  flying and fleeing nuns.