Monday, February 9, 2015


A man  under the influence of ice  jumped  to his death  from a  high building  in Darwin ; a  woman  there , also  said to be  an ice user , slashed  her arms   and   bled  to  death.  In  Victoria  the government  has ordered an inquiry into the  crystal  metamphetamine  , ice, epidemic . The  Brisbane City Council has called for  government  assistance  in  cleaning  up  drug factory sites after  police raids , there said to  be  40 drug  factories in the city .     Across  the state there have  been  vast  numbers of  drug labs closed down in  the past year indicating  that  there is  a large  drug  trade in  the state .  Letters and  articles speak of  young  family members  destroyed by  ice , drug  dealers  active  in  public housing  areas , residents  living  in  fear  behind  locked  doors,police  and medical services people having to deal  with  deranged, aggressive and  struggling individuals.