Monday, February 23, 2015


Ghost ship believed to be HMAS Townsville .
For well over  a year  this blog's roaming, at  times  raving,maritime     reporter has   been    keeping  watch    on   the  tied up , decommissioned Fremantle class patrol boat , HMAS  Townsville . It  seems  almost abandoned,no  visible  activity  going on ;  its  name   was even   removed   as  if  it  were  about  to  be  sent  to  scrapmetal  dealers. 

Nobody  in the  local landlubber media   apparently  noticed  that   this  once proud naval vessel  was  a  nameless  hulk  tied up in the Ross Creek, Townsville, North Queensland, a military garrison town , its numbers  recently   boosted    by   arrivals   from  Darwin.

HMAS Townsville played the part of HMAS Defiance in the popular  ABC series, Patrol Boat .
The government  gave     the vessel  to the Townsville  Maritime Museum in 2007 to be looked after by volunteers and placed in a dry dock for display.

Work  on the dry dock was scheduled to start in mid-2012,   pending council approval  of building plans  and obtaining  additional funds. Thankfully,the  ship's  name has been restored . But what  is its  future ?

In  the poorly  presented  text messages to the editor page of  the   Townsville   Bulletin of  February 24  the following  pertinent  item appeared, probably not noticed by the newspaper , but   worth a follow up :  Can someone please take responsibility for the patrol boat Townsville rotting at CB (Curtin Brothers) Marine , put it on concrete   blocks as a static  display at Jazzine  Barracks ,scrap it or sink it as a  dive site. It's embarrassing  as a city  to have it sitting there rotting  and  a danger in cyclone season . If you can't afford  to maintain or display  an object  you shouldn't  be given  it  to start with.   Embarrassing  waste.  Archie, North  Ward.