Monday, May 22, 2017


Hollywood : Hotgossip   here today is that  Donald  Trump will  step down next week  as  president of  the United States  to   star  in  a chain  of  movies  based on  variations  of the swashbuckling pirate  flicks  in  which  Australia's own wicked  Errol Flynn  won  the  hearts  and  minds  of  female  moviegoers.   At  2am  this morning ,  Trump tweeted : Eat your heart out  Johnny Depp...obviously a reference  to   the  flogged  to  death   Pirates  of  the  Caribbean series , the latest part  shot  in  the  Queensland  penal  colony , followed by an outbreak of  mad  dog   disease  in  right  wing  political  circles , at a crescendo right now over the  Adani  con  caper, part of  the Australian long running  revenue and  attack on the  environment  horror  series , Plunder  the    Aussie  Suckers   Down  Under .

The way  President  Trump and   his  top officials   flashed their  swords about in Saudi Arabia  reminded Hollywood producers of   the  action  packed  Errol Flynn movies . So they  made   the  president  a fabulous   offer , the  huge first  down payment  deposited  in the Cayman Islands ,   to  become  a   film star ... thus   avoiding   certain   impeachment .
Other  Ali Baba  bit  players
  We can exclusively  reveal   the first  movie  Donald will star in  has a  catchy   title :  The  Sword of  Ali  Baba   in which he will wear  a  black  Errol Flynn  wig  and  a recycled Groucho  Marx  mouldy  moustache. Then will come the very topical Ali  Baba and the  Forty Russian  Election Robbers   in which  Donald will  carry a .45 calibre  umbrella to protect himself  from  showers.
Scimitars  galore will  flash in  the   certain box office  hit  Ali  Baba  in   the   Scottish  Caddyshack   Bikini   Bloodbath  .

 Preliminary   screenplays are being worked on   for Ali   Baba  Gone With the Wind  and   the  must  see over  and  over  treat ,  Ali   Baba's  One  Way  Flight  to  Mars  With  Oprah .