Thursday, May 18, 2017


Model of  an   early   settler's  homestead  built from slabs with  a bark roof   by  James  Rushby , at  Mudgee  , New South Wales.  The  model was made  by  his daughter  Charlotte  before 1857. Published in 1976, this  slim volume  contains the information that soon after the  First Fleet  arrived in 1788, a  visitor found  that  in  houses  of  individuals  could  be  found most of  the comforts  and  not  a  few  of  the  luxuries of  life .
Of particular interest  is a replica of the Sydney Cove Medallion produced by Josiah Wedgwood in 1789 , made  from clay  sent to England  from Sydney by Governor Arthur Phillip . The  figures represented  Hope addressing  Art, Labour and Peace  on the shores  of Sydney  Cove .   
Other illustrations  include   the  oldest  surviving  Australian made  piano  built by piano-forte maker  J. Benham , who arrived in Sydney in 1831  ; a  rose mahogany armchair , one of a pair ,  made   by convicts  John Webster  and William Temple ,  for   Governor  Macquarie,  with casuarina  inlays ,  upholstery in  kangaroo skin ; an astonishing  silver  cricket  trophy in the  form of  an epergne  depicting  a  cricket match  with  mounted emu eggs and etched  glass vases  by  W. Kerr , Sydney . -- (Ponsonby  Willis  special .)