Sunday, May 21, 2017


Not only did  the New South Wales governor ,  Baron  Carrington,  and  Admiral Tryon , both good  tooth men ,  have their  sausages sizzled on an Allington  stove , but so  did  others  in  the best  clubs and hotels  in Sydney , elsewhere in the  colonies,   according to  this  advertisement  in  the 1886  Australian Builders  Price Book . Compiled by  architect  and   civil engineer , Charles    Mayes,  published  by   George Robertson , Melbourne , Sydney, Brisbane and  Adelaide, our copy obtained on  that culinary paradise, Magnetic Island ,where the  French restaurant  is  Le  Paradis .  

 Allington  stoves  had  won " the only Cooking  Contest " held in Australia   at the Wealth and Industrial  Exhibition , Prince Alfred Park, Sydney.  
The proprietor of the  firm , James Ward , had arrived   in Australia , probably from one of  the towns  named  Allington ,  about 1872 ,  and  became known as a  whitesmith, stove and   range  manufacturer .  In 1890  he was  granted a   Sydney City Council  contract to supply  cooking appliances  for the Centennial  Hall , now  the  Sydney Town  Hall .  He  served  as  an  alderman on the   council   for a number of  years  and  died in 1915.

Governor  Carrington probably  suffered indigestion from time to time  when he was in the colony  as  he was not impressed  by  some of  the  politicians , labourers  and  read  the Riot  Act  on one occasion . He also strongly convinced   Sir  Henry  Parkes , the so called Father of Federation,   that  he  should  not change  the  name of  New South Wales  to  Australia .

 Apart from having to  eat a  lot of  salt beef   and  weevily  ship's  biscuits in his long and action  packed  naval career, Admiral  Tryon , from a military family,  nevertheless   attended  many  banquets  in  high  places as he rose up the ranks  and  became  concerned  about  the  food and water  supplied  to  sailors.
Early in his naval career  he sailed to America  in 1849 and  visited , Boston , New York and  Washington  where  he  met  leading  politicians  and  sat in on a debate over California's  request to join the Union as a free state rather than  a slave state . Over the years he  developed  social  and  political  skills  and sat in on  the Crimean War   peace  talks  in  Marseilles .    
 On  being posted  to  Sydney in  charge of the  Australian Station in 1884  with the task of  convincing  the colonies to finance  a  fast squadron in the region , he   threw  some  large  parties ,  as  did  Governor  Carrington . The  Admiral had to contend  with  concerns about  the French , the threat of a  Russian invasion  and  the troublesome  blackbirders   who enslaved  Pacific islanders   to work  in  the  Queensland  canefields. On  top of that , the  New Zealanders   wanted  their own gunboats,  instead  of  relying  on  an Australian  based   fleet .   
On returning to England  , he  took up politics  for a time  , then went back to sea  and  drowned   during  manoeuvres when his flagship HMS Victoria  collided with  HMS Camperdown  off Tripoli , reportedly declaring, as he went  down with his ship  : "It was  my fault ."  Strange things happen  at sea- it is claimed that at  the time of  his drowning , his ghost  was seen  ashore .