Wednesday, May 24, 2017


When  rain  bucketed  down  in  Townsville  recently, some of  it   even over the  city's catchment area , the flow  down   Ross River  caused  water  weed  to  mass   causing   the   abandonment  of  a  rowing regatta , which   went unnoticed  by  the  media. News tip  for local scribes : what is Townsville City Council going to do to  clear  the waterway, the imported  weed  cutter  seems not  to have overcome the  problem ?  And now that Magnetic Island  is looking green and fresh and wattle coming  out   after  also copping some of the  rain , despite  a   poor wet in the dry tropics , the  powers  that  be  have announced a  start to burning off  at Horseshoe  Bay .