Sunday, May 14, 2017


A  former  Townsville  Bulletin  sports editor and marketing manager, Doug Kingston , will  hold  a  public meeting on May  18  at the Shamrock Hotel  to  discuss a proposed  online  newspaper  to challenge  the Murdoch owned  Townsville BulletinThis  news was  broken   by   former  Townsville  Bulletin reporter   Malcolm Weatherup  in the  latest  weekly  edition  of  his  avidly read  The  Magpie's Nest .   

He quotes Kingston as   saying :"Given there are a lot of unemployed or retired journalists around at the moment, I’m keen to find any of them would be interested in  participating  in the  new  venture."
The  Magpie  said  Kingston had  become disillusioned  with the way the  Bulletin is heading  and that the community  is ready for  an  alternative  and  balanced   source  of   news, which   asks  questions  that should  be  asked ..."We will be demanding  answers  to   hard questions,  without  fear or favour, questions that the  Bulletin  just  refuses  to  ask."
 The meeting , not only limited to journos ,  will take place in the rear  bistro of the Shamrock Hotel at  3pm  to outline his plans and gauge interest .  Weatherup  said Doug will provide  drinks and snacks (a dangerous course if it involves journalists) but  for catering purposes he asks that anyone intending to come along  text  their  name  to  him  on  0417 762 190.
As far as  is known , such  being  the   state of  the  media in North Queensland ,  this   newsworthy  development  has  not  been   covered  or  followed  up  .