Thursday, May 25, 2017


The  move to start an online   competitor  to the  Murdoch owned Townsville  Bulletin   is  gaining momentum . Several local businessman ,  unhappy with  the Bulletin , are  offering  to  put  up  cash  for the  project .

Leading the charge is Doug  Kingston , North Queensland business, marketing and media consultant who worked as a journalist, sports editor and marketing manager during a 25-year career with  the  Bulletin .
During that time he was winner of seven International Newspaper Marketing Association awards and 14 Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association (PANPA) awards, including PANPA Marketer of the Year in 2000 and 2004.
Furthermore  he was   involved in the early development of the North Queensland Cowboys, North Queensland Fury and Townsville Crocodiles national sporting teams and received North Queensland Tourism's highest honour - Outstanding Contribution by an Individual - in 2001. Has been a director of Tennis Queensland since 2009 and a Queensland member representative to Tennis Australia since 2010.
Phone: 0417 762 190

Appalled  by much of  the   one  sided    reporting  in  the   paper to support a  particular  angle , he   is  prepared  to   run  the  venture  for   nine months  at   his  own expense   to  gauge the   support . He  has specific  areas of  interest, including sport ,  which  he  intends  covering  himself , in what will be  a  more balanced , wider   coverage   of   local  issues.
A   website   is  being  designed   and  a  surprising  number of  journalists   are showing   support ,  some former  Bulletin  staff  ,  offering  to   write  for  the   paper .  Other  retired  journalists  in  the area , critical of the Murdoch paper ,  with  diverse  interests and  wide ranging  media   contacts , are  closely watching   proceedings .