Wednesday, May 31, 2017


On  the eve of the  first State of  Origin match  in  Brisbane  , a weird  kind of  parallel  universe  has  been  discovered   a  short  distance   from  the  main entrance of  the  Cowboys Rugby  League Club  in  Flinders  Street ,  Townsville. 
Patrons who  depart  the  club  on  foot   pass   the   above  operating   newsagency , advertising  Murdoch publications ,  take  a  few more  steps ... and  do a double take - there  is  the  same newsagency , below ,  but  it  is  locked , empty!!! .  
How can  this  be ?    It  is  enough to make you  want  to   sign  the  pledge, take to drinking water, but the  city is  on  strict   water  restrictions , the  supply siphoned  off  by  aliens   from   another   planet . 

Still , club members   are used  to  odd  things  happening  of  late  . Just recently the club announced it is going  to  " expand its  gaming  footprint . "  Many  took this  to mean  you will no  longer  be able to   enter the premises  barefooted , wearing only  a  JT autographed  athletic  support  . This  led to  a  spike in the sale  of  thongs , recycled  snowshoes    and  gumboots.    Actually, it  means  the  club  is adding   86 more  poker  machines  to  its  existing  212  ,  to make it  "more competitive "  with  other   large  venues .