Monday, May 29, 2017


During a week in which   the  Murdoch  Townsville Bulletin  savaged the Queensland   government  like a  pack of mad  dogs   over  the  proposed  Adani   Carmichael coalmine , readers of the  paper  must have thought   it had been taken  over  by a  new  owner  on  Saturday  .

There , on the leader page , was    a well written opinion piece by a   prominent member of  the   reporting staff , Shari Tagliabue , strongly  against    Adani  calling  it  a  Trojan horse  not needed  in  the north . 

 This  was   in   stark  contrast  to  the  paper's  long  running  massive  support  for  Adani  . Indeed , during the week , the Bulletin   quoted   Townsville's  Mayor  Jenny Hill   making  the extraordinary statement   that  the  North  would  be  set  back 50 years  if   the  mine  did  not  go ahead .  Some   council  staff  believe the  Dark Ages  have already arrived  as   there  are  plans   to   slash   employees   by close to  200 ,   and   it  has  nothing to do with  the  Adani  project .
Tagliabue's  commentary   was    run  next  to  a Bulletin  editorial which  actually  , briefly  praised   Queensland  Premier  Annastacia Palasczszuk  for arranging  a  supposed  delayed  royalties  deal  for  Adani .  Deputy editor  Damien Tomlinson  even  painted a picture of  the brave   Premier  on  the burning  deck  of state ,  the  fires   fuelled  by coal ,  fighting off  the Lefties  in her  party, led by her  deputy , Jackie Trad

The Premier ,  he  wrote ,  had " bravely  stood up to the slick , millionaire-backed PR  machine of the  Stop Adani  movement    to fight  for  Labor's  working  class core in  regional  Queensland ..." He is, unfortunately , not expected to be nominated for  a  Walkley  Award  for  this  expression of  deep concern for the  toilers ,  but  it  could  get a  run  as  a  filler in the  laugh   in  column  of  the  Daily Worker . 

This glowing tribute  for the Premier  was despite the fact that  the paper had   flayed  her  unmercifully  during  the  week ( see above )  , a digitally  doctored   photo   depicting  her   in  a  Greens  straightjacket  , her deputy ,   Trad, said   to depend   on   Green   preferences   to   win  and  hold   her  South  Brisbane seat . 

Biff  Latte  Drinkers, Greens 

Then  there  was a  typical  thundering editorial  (which not many people take  seriously )   LATTE-SIPPERS HOLDING US ALL TO RANSOM .   Get the feeble, infantile message in this  great Australian democracy where the Murdoch media monster has been given more  federal approval to  further  extend  its  influence  - Greens , latte soy-milk  sippers  evil  ? See  memo to  "Green extremists " on  front  page  below :  YOU CAN'T STOP ADANI .

Greens bashing   is  a blood  and smashed  watermelon  sport   long   engaged  in   by   the   Bulletin , Queensland   LNP  dullards  , fat , tattooed  men , the  soon   to  be  put  out to   verdant pasture  Senator  Ian  Macdonald ,  texters  in   the Bulletin  who like  referring  to  the  Premier  as    puddleduck   or  some  other  such  variation .  The Darwin  Murdoch paper  , Northern Territory  News , has a  a long  track  record  of   slinging  off  at  southern  latte  drinkers .

Magpie Swoops in on  Bulletin

A confessed  non-latte drinker  ,  what  Shari had to  say in her column  was   remarked upon by   eagle eyed  journalist  (actually he is the Townsville  Magpie ) , Malcolm  Weatherup ,  still owed  more than  $100,000  by   mean  Murdoch  for defaming him ,  who keeps a  close , critical  watch   on  the  Bulletin .

 Here is what he said   about    brave  Shari  whose column  was  headed  THE LATTE  LOGIC  and contained  an  illustration  of  belching chimneys  atop  a  mountain of coal, the  caption DIRTY BUSINESS:  We deserve better, smarter, sustainable  industries  .  Weatherup,  initially gobsmacked  by the piece,   in  part , commented :

In  a  nutshell , Shari put forward a well argued, analytical view of  an argument you rarely see in a News Ltd publication … but not only that, it was presented right next  to a diametrically opposed iditorial (editorial ) along the standard Astonisher (Townsville Bulletin )  lines...
It was indeed breath-taking almost unbelievable stuff.  And there can be no mistaking who Taggers was talking about when she wrote: ‘Childish name calling is a puerile attempt to brainwash the population into thinking a handful of promised jobs in an industry no one is interested in funding or backing is the way forward.’ This written in a paper whose stock in trade is name calling and journalistic jingoism on this subject and most all other subjects. And was written even in  the edition that carried  this  biased anti-Green, pro-Adani, front page, above .

Ms Tagliabue – who, one must think, has had a better job offer – also asked When did caring for the future of our land, our ocean, future generations and , yes, jobs – sustainable ones – become such a liability … and (people who used to call themselves green) until ‘green’ was hijacked by politicians who have frankly done the cause for a clean planet no favours at all. Oops, Shazza, you forget the word has also been hijacked by the people who own the paper you work for.  If there is a job offer out there, it sure as hell won’t be with News Ltd, maybe The Guardian.

Townsville Bulletin Bubble

From the pen of  another  Bulletin  reporter , one of  the old hands still   remaining ,  John Andersen, just back  from a  trip to Sydney and the scenic Blue Mountains , where local Mountain  Devils  drink  latte with a shot of rum to keep warm  on wintery nights ,   came  confirmation  in  the  same Saturday  paper   of  the fact that the  Townsville  Bulletin  is  in  an  obvious   inward  looking  bubble , one like the  interior of  the Black Hole of  Calcutta .   In an item headed   THE ADANI FIGHT IS ON IN STREETS  OF CITIES  , he  opened  with  the  telling : In the North   we  live in a bubble when we think that the Australian  population  mostly  supports  Adani .  
Down south  he had  found anti-coal and anti-Adani  posters  on railway platforms  and  walls of  store fronts .  He wrote that the fight  for  and  against  the   mine was not  just confined  to central  and  northern Queensland . It was being   fought in  the  bars , clubs  and  in  the  streets  at  a  national level . 
The Townsville Bulletin suddenly went  quiet  after  one  of  its  polls during the week  asked :  "DO you think Labor is out of touch with the needs of the North?"... The result was 59% No and 41% yes .

Still , this has not stopped the  Bulletin from running  a   car  sticker campaign  with  the  message : DON'T TAKE MY COAL JOB AND  I WON'T  TAKE YOUR SOY LATTE . Really . Naturally  Senator  Ian Macdonald   and  other  LNP suspects have  rushed  in  to  endorse  the  inane  sticker  message   which were  being  handed out for free  from  the  Bulletin office . More  arriving this week .
A text message  to  the  editor of  the  corny  latte bashing paper  said the Bulletin seemed to have a strange grudge against  lattes , which blue collar workers  and  tradies liked , and  speculated  that  so  do  journos .  
Incidentally , the  Weekend   Australian , the Murdoch flagship,  carried a   full page advertisement  for  AGL  headed  WE'RE  GETTING OUT OF COAL ,  declaring that by 2022  it   will  be getting out of  coal , that  it already  runs Australia's  largest solar and wind farms  and  have started a   fund that will add   up to   $3billion into renewables. AGL  asked  ... YOU  WITH  US ?   Not  at  the   Townsville  Bulletin . 

Adani  Cock Up 
Then  came  the  Monday edition of  the  Bulletin  and it  resumed its attack on the Queensland  government,  giving  prominence to  a   panel  piece  headed LABOR'S SHAME ON ADANI , by  an LNP  shadow minister  who  attacked "labors Left faction " and its " grubby  green  alliance   with   extreme activists . "
But  then the Bulletin  revealed that  over the weekend   a bizarre  event   took place  which  makes you  wonder if there is  something  in the  city's   contentious water supply- the dreaded  clumsy drug -  which  makes  people   do  stupid things in high places . Thinking  the   Australian   government and    Queenslanders  were  going to give  them  a   pile of  money,  Adani prematurely  celebrated  by having   its  name  placed  on  a  prominent   city  building .   
The Bulletin ran  a  pic of  the  sign  and   said  it may  have to be pulled down as fast as it was  put up !!!. It   quoted  Adani  spokesman  Ron Watson  as  saying  the signage should not have been installed so soon !!! The work order  should have  been  cancelled when the  Carmichael  mine was  put in  doubt over State Government royalties last  week ... There was  an oversight ... the company had put  on   hold  plans to  set up  a Townsville office... we  don't have a  big team  and it  (sign )  slipped through... what goes up , could come down ...he would  not  confirm  if  office space had  been   rented.... 
The last word in this  incredible  saga  was   delivered  by  the above  keen latte sipper, also  partial to thick shake dregs  ,  at The Strand , on the  Townsville waterfront ,  who  says  he  will  personally  lead a   flock of his  mates  to  the Bulletin coal /cesspit and  peck  the eyes  out  of any  reporter  who  takes the piss out of  latte  lovers.  Photograph  by  latte and  Pelican fancier, Peter Sky-Tower .