Monday, July 10, 2017


Unlike  these snoozing Pelicans in North Queensland , the Little Darwin  blog never sleeps  . Even when stretched out   in  the  horizontal at  night, snoring , our  team  has  vivid  dreams  in  which they are on the news beat, locally and overseas ,  composing   golden  prose  for  our  global  readership .

 In addition , we  have roaming correspondents in  various parts of the  world-France, Kuching, Malaysia , Vietnam , the United Kingdom , New Zealand , Western  Australia .
One of our young ,  agile  reporters recently  braved the   running of the bulls  at Pamplona  and  posed   there  with  a  Northern Territory flag, which should  have   attracted  the  snorting   attention  of  Ferdinand  the  Bull  and  his mates .

As we  continue to  be  increasingly  flooded with stories , intelligence and  pictures  from far and wide,   we  have  delusions of   becoming  bigger  than  Reuters  news  agency with the help of a Melbourne based chief sub editor who corrects  the  surprising number of  bloopers  in  the  copy .

Watch this space  for exclusive  reports   from  a  recent magical mystery tour in which Little Darwin  met the Blues Brothers  on   another   mission  from  God  in Australia , searched  old cemeteries ,  saluted  the  great Turkish  leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , sampled a  new latte , discovered  that  poet Judith Wright   could  have been the  Governor-General of Australia  instead of  tipsy Sir John Kerr  and  the  brutal  background to the settlement  of   the  country .

 Along this  exciting  journey books and ephemera of interest  were  bought , three  portable typewriters  for  sale  were spotted , bringing  back old  memories  of   newspaper  reporting   days .