Friday, July 21, 2017


In another   interesting  Darwin talk  on August 3    Thomas Barttelot Kelly   will retrace the steps of his great-grandfather from England to Australia and  later to Gallipoli and  Persia. Walter Barttelot was appointed  Aide de Camp to Lord Denman, Governor General of Australia , in 1911 .

A member of the 1912 Federal Parliamentary Party  which visited  the Territory , he was a talented  writer who   kept a diary  of  his  travels,  including a visit to the  Batchelor Demonstration Farm, south of Darwin ,  which  closed  in 1919. The  farm was  the  pet project of  Dr  John  Gilruth , controversial Administrator of  the Northern Territory during  this time ,  forced to  leave  Darwin  by  angry  residents  . 
 In l914 Barttelot  travelled overland back to  England where he joined his regiment  and  served  with  distinction in  France, Mesopotamia , Gallipoli  and Persia , where he was  killed in 1918.