Thursday, July 27, 2017


Regarded as America's  most  iconic and  respected  family,  some  of  the  Addams Family  have  silently moved to Australia  to get  away  from President Trump's horrifying   rule   and  the   cold weather .  In an exclusive  interview with this  blog , the family butler , Lurch , preparing to pack his  bag   to  fly out to  Sydney  to parade about  in  a  Bondi  budgie smuggler like the Mad Monk , said   the   family  thinks President  Trump  is a  weirdo, a  reject from  Madame  Tussaud's, who  will  ruin the  real  estate market  for   spooky  dwellings .      
Meanwhile , Uncle Fester , who has been travelling incognito  about  Queensland,  posing as a typical grumpy  Liberal  National Party member  , using air  b and b  accommodation along the way,  is  threatening to sue  the Sunshine State for false  advertising . Ever since  he  arrived in Brisbane and  was  dragged  off a United flight  by border security officers and questioned for two days  ,  he has  struck nothing but  cold  and wet  weather...frosts  in the granite belt, so called unseasonal  rain  in Cairns ,  polar  winds   at Tolga . Sunshine  Coast-phooey !  
The accommodation  along the way, growled Uncle Fester, had been terrible. In one place ,on an odd island off Townsville , it looked like a  dump shop with all kinds of   flags draped about the   walls , above ,  in  which he took a  photo of himself  wrapped  against the  chilly  tropical  weather , which will  be tabled  as  evidence in his case  against  the  Queensland Government .   
As a  result of the fake Sunshine State  projected  image  , Fester   wired other  family members   in transit ,  Morticia and  Gomez , in  sunny   Hawaii, to  fly on  to  New Zealand  instead of   Australia, certainly not  Queensland .

Hairy  Cousin  Itt  has lined up a job as the new   chief of staff  to Deputy Prime Minister  Barnaby Joyce, following in the footsteps of  Senator Matt Canavan ,  and will be  located in  a  centrally  heated mushroom  farm   in  Armidale and fed  sliced  salami .  Itt  is expected to swap  its   hat  for  one  worn  by Bob  Katter  who  is  believed  to  be  a distant egg throwing  relative of  the Addams  Family .
Katter  in  white  wig  and  Uncle Fester scarf  taking hatless  Cousin  Itt  on  tour of  parliament.