Tuesday, July 11, 2017


A family  fishing  trip   on    the  popular   Bohle River, Townsville,  recently  resulted in an  unusual experience. A large  popper  bottle  , with  cord   attached  ,  was  noticed  floating along   with  the   incoming  tide .   For some strange reason , fish   frequently  erupted   near  the  bottle . Then , oddly , the bottle began to travel against the  tide  and  move towards the bank , again causing    fish   to   leap , as  if  being chased, frightened  . The  mystery was  solved when  the head  of  a  large  crocodile  broke  the  surface   near  the  float . The  theory  is  that the crocodile had grabbed  a mud  crab pot  and had  been trying to  get  at  the meat  bait inside  the  trap to which was  attached the  cord  and  bottle .