Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Tucked away in Townsville, North Queensland,  is the Cat's  Meow Café in what used  to be an old wares shop , part of  its  stock displayed  about  the  surprising  interior. Our  S(h)ipping  Reporter, looking for maritime  oddities,  recently ventured  into the  vintage  café and   soon  had  latte on his  whiskers , watched  by  a  shelf  of  cats .
The table  he sat at sipping  his latte, gazing about at the old bottles,  assorted china , Toby jugs , a variety of  bric-a-brac ,  was covered  with  pages  from  an action comic . A  fire truck  pedal car , below , was  inspected
 There  were  flights  of    ducks  and  a  pheasant  on a wall ,  early photographs .
The  café  is  located  in  shop 7, 262 Charters Towers  Road, Hermit Park  and is near a bookshop .  There is also a large  Lifeline store close by  from which our floating S(h)ipping  Reporter discovered  interesting  old  sheet  music which  will  feature  in  future  posts . 
The  expression  the   cat's whiskers  means   excellent , superior  or better  than  anyone .