Saturday, July 29, 2017


From this spot in the Little Darwin backyard , a  Curlew  egg disappeared overnight. Not long  after  the loss  of the  latest  chick , plump, active and  adventurous, its parents   again  displayed signs of being broody  and soon  another egg  was  produced . Now it  has  vanished, a slight  moisture  patch visible . Was it a snake , a  rat ?   Suddenly,  a  Curlew which seems to know its   way about the backyard  has  appeared  and we  wonder if  it was  one of   two  chicks which  survived and  flew away .  A  strange visitor to the back  door was the  large  flying insect  below  with  exceedingly  long  legs .
Small lizards are also visible in numbers as the season progresses  .  A Coucal  has been heard  calling  nearby. Could  it  be the return of long lost Dracula ?

The door left open to the blog den , the grieving Curlews  strolled in and let it be known it was afternoon  feed  time .