Saturday, July 15, 2017


By  Ace Political  Roundsman  Argus Tuft
The  three day  Liberal  National Party  State Convention  was  an unmitigated disaster  and the grim  and  apprehensive  facial expressions  on   key figures there backed up  the  comment by Attorney-General   Senator  George  Brandis that the Queensland  LNP   are  a  mediocre  bunch of bananas . A fair and obvious statement -and you do not need  a  second  legal  opinion  to come to  this  conclusion .
Televised  coverage of  the meeting  during the  astonishing address  by babbling Deputy  PM  Barnaby Joyce  in which  he   bizarrely  warned  the Opposition would launch a massive election  scare  campaign  involving  spiders in your coffee and possums in your  roof !!!! resulted in  what could only be described as a   gobsmacked   audience . He used State of  Origin footie language to urge the disintegrating  LNP   to run onto the paddock  (avoiding flung  dung )   behind  the  team  leader-this month-Malcolm  Bligh Turnbull.
His  weird  outburst was similar to the  recent statement in which he  mentioned  testicles  and   terrorists  in  one  sentence. This  is  the  guy who could become Prime Minister  in the event that the real PM , Malcolm Turnbull ,    a  loyal  Elizabethan ,   like Sir Francis  Drake , sails off  to fight the Spanish led by the  Mad Monk   at Warringah  and   disappears at sea , not  run down by a bus , leaving  Barnaby in  charge of  the floundering  ship of  state .
 One of  those in the audience, looking expressionless,  was  Lawrence  Springborg  , the so called  father of the unhappy Liberal  and National Party integration in Queensland ,  who  has announced he will not contest the next  state election . However, there is speculation that he may run for the Senate  as there  is talk of Senator  Brandis  quitting  politics  , possibly taking up a  post in  London , recently  seen  there  quaffing  an  ale  at  a trendy spa  with  Immigration Minister Peter   Dutton , who could  figure in  a cabinet  reshuffle  later  this  year.
Of interest to  the  Queensland LNP  is further speculation that  the federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs , Nigel Scullion, of  Darwin ,  is  also going to resign  and this portfolio  would  be  claimed  by  the  Sunshine State .                                

Before the conference was  a motion to  privatise  the  national  broadcaster . Jawboner  Joyce   is  no fan of  the ABC , although he admitted liking Phillip Adams  of Late Night  Live, Radio National ,  even though he is "a lefty" , who just  turned  78 .  
Many delegates came away from the Brisbane blathering  believing the  unhappy LNP    has  both feet on  a diseased,  slippery banana skin  due to  the unpopular leader , Tim Nichollsdefections  to  the  One Nation  drones , Prime Minister  Turnbull's failure  to  support   the   state's  full  claim  for  cyclone  reconstruction  funds . Even   though  support was strongly voiced   for coal , there is deep concern  by  a  considerable number of sane, fair minded Queensland  voters  of  various  political  persuasion  about  the  Adani   proposal , as  there  is nationally and  internationally .