Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Senator  Canavan  almost brings  down the house with another  I, Claudius  imitation  in  the  Senate .
With the Turnbull Government  increasingly looking like  a  Down Under  version of the notorious  Italian  political  systemQueensland  senator   Matt    Canavan  has  dramatically  resigned  from   the dangerous  Canberra  Clean  Black Hand Coal Gang   as  the  Minister  for  Resources  because  he  has  Italian  citizenship .  Seems  his   Italian  mother  took out  Italian  citizenship  for  him  when  he  was  26  in  2006 ,  without  telling  him ... Mumma  Mia !!! 

In  Japan , where  Spaghetti Westerns  are  very  popular  , the demise of Senator Canavan  is being    described  in  news  reports  as  another Macaroni Western in  Australia , not a  crocodile  or  shark  attack . Enterprising Japanese television producers are  rushing to  launch a  new  super  zany   series  based  on disappearing  Aussie senators , similar to the smash  hit  Japanizi Going Going  Gong!

The  ALP recently put the Italian slipper   into  Senator  Canavan  and  some of  his Coalition   buddies-including  troublesome Tony "Stilleto "  Abbott  and  Josh "Gelati Enforcer " Frydenberg (Minister for  Energy and Environment)-via  the  fullpage advertisement , below , in   the Murdoch  Cairns   Post  which  implied  Rome  would  be  rebuilt  long before  any  development  took place in  North  Australia  under the Northern  Australian  Infrastructure  Facility .
It pointed out not  one  Italian lira  of  the   $5billion  NAIF   kitty  had so  far been allocated.  Canavan , it will be recalled , is   a  Murdoch  Townsville Bulletin regular  who got  a run  backing  car stickers  mocking  latte  ( an Italianate beverage) drinkers  over   opposition  to  Adani . And just recently the Bulletin, for some strange reason,  seemed  to give Senator Canavan a  bigger  run  in one  day's edition  than  Johnathan Thurston  after  kicking  yet another  golden point  victory.