Saturday, July 22, 2017


As a  result of   a  visit  to  various parts of  Australia in l980 , Japanese  painter  Masami Yamada  returned  in  1983  with 30 of his  works for  a  special exhibition  ,  the  catalogue for  which  is  in  the extensive collection  of   a new  regular  contributor  to  Little Darwin ,  art  correspondent  Ponsonby  Willis . The  front  cover illustration is of  a Kookaburra in a Japanese fan; a black Swan , also in a  fan ,  is  on  the  back . 

A  large   folding  screen of  Ayer's  Rock , Uluru ,  stood out  in the  exhibition . Subjects included  Great Barrier Reef  fish and coral  ; a Cairns Pelican ; an outback hotel  at  Orange ; Broken Hill chairs ; the waterfront  Seafood  Restaurant  at  Manly, Sydney ; iron lacework at Albury ; the Hero of  Waterloo Hotel, Sydney .
Arranged  by the  Australia-Japan Foundation , the exhibition  toured widely , including  Townsville  ( Perc Tucker  Art  Gallery) ,  Cairns , Canberra. Yamada had  also exhibited  One  Japanese Painter's  Papua  New  Guinea  in Tokyo, PNG  and   parts  of  Australia .