Monday, July 31, 2017


Confirmation yet again that it is a mad , mad  , mad  world   and  that service to the customer is a  glib  PR  slogan  with  which  the  public is  bombarded , is  the  fact that  a  Brisbane  woman  has received a letter  from  Australia  Post  demanding urgent action over  her  letterbox  which  has been in situ  for  43  years . It  seems a  modern  postman   finds  it  difficult to access -despite the  fact that an army of  mailmen   had no problems  with  it  for  nearly half a century .   The letter from Australia Post  came   complete  with  an  A4  sized  colour photograph of  the  letterbox  and   surrounds .  It went on to suggest  the  woman  might  like  to  protect her  mail  by taking  out  a  private  mail  box .  Is this a  concerted  campaign to  do away with  home  deliveries ? The householder , as you can imagine , is scornful of  the  request  and expressed her  feelings over the phone,  which  resulted in a  further  letter from Australia Post thanking  her for taking part  in  a  survey . What  survey ?