Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Peeled  back  from  dead ? 
Comrade  Malcolm  Turnbull  must wonder what the  hell to expect next  from   his   so  called  Coalition   partners. Under constant  attack by  the  Mad Monk and other bothersome brethren, he now faces another unexpected  turn of events. It is  a  nightmare  development, a blast from the past : posters  popping up  in  Queensland  proposing  Joh  for  PM .

While this  is  said to  relate to  a musical  comedy  about the  rotten  Joh  Bjelke-Petersen government  Turnbull   cannot be  absolutely sure as  there   are  so many  dingbat  Joh   look   and  think   alikes  in   the Sunshine State who  believe  Sir  Joh Bjelke-Petersen   walked   on  water ,  in  white  shoes  no less, and  want  to  emulate him , take  charge of  the nation , do a Trump . 
 Special  report  by Argus Tuft
Months ago the   Murdoch  Brisbane  Courier  Mail      ran  a series recalling the golden age of  crime , corruption  and  thuggery  during  the  Joh era , exposed by  the  Fitzgerald  Inquiry . Many   angles  could  have  been followed up, updated,  including  the little known Northern Territory connection , the large scale  North  Queensland  drug operations , what  happened  to all  the  money  and  other  people  involved  in  criminal , illegal  and  shady  dealings.  

Then  came  the recent  rerun of  the fateful 1987  Chris Masters ABC  TV Moonshine State report which  caused  the  Bjelke-Petersen  house of  cards to  collapse , the revelation  that  police  corruption ran  all  the way  up to the   commissioner who went  to  jail  and  was  stripped of  his  knighthood .