Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Meet  Larry, a  seagoing , talkative  Lorikeet , who  loves    splashing  about  in  the  bathtub  up to   five times    a   day  when  he  comes  ashore  to  chat  up   feathered   females .    He  is  named   after    Cyclone  Larry   which   battered  North  Queensland,  injuring him , in  2006.  Rescued  by    Mission  Beach couple , unable  to  fly  due to  an  injured wing  ,  with   the  gait  of  a  peg-leg  pirate ,  he  became an  experienced   bluewater  sailor  aboard   his  owners' catamaran.  Larry , a   pretty  boy,  greets  people  with  a  friendly hello  and  , like a Lyrebird , can   mimic   a   telephone  ringing . Along  the  way  he picked up the  impatient  command hurry  up.   

At   present   he  is  holidaying  ashore  on  Magnetic Island , because  there  is  a cat  in  the  marina,  while  his  owners  are  away.  He is staying  with  a wildlife   carer, Tania,  also  known  as  the  Queen  of   the  Jungle. His  cage  includes  a  fluffy   triangular  shaped    nest ,  nicknamed  The   Purple  People Eater .  Nobody   is  allowed  to  touch    the   object ,  which   he seems to  regard  as a  security  blanket. Nevertheless,   he    regularly  gives  it a  good  shoving  about,  muttering   bugger , bugger .   On    the   island , Larry  has   the  run of  a  large  wire- enclosed  verandah  and  scampers  up  and down , talking  to  Lorikeets, Curlews , Kookaburras   and  human  passers- by.
Much  enjoyment  is  gained    playing  with    a  ball   of  cellophane   or a  crinkly   bag,  causing him  to whistle and  run through  his  vocabulary.  Receiving  a  telephone   call  from   his  lady  owner,   Larry  danced   happily  around  the  phone , ran his  beak all over it , whistled   and  said   hello.  While   holidaying  he delights  in  frequent  baths  in  a  potplant  base  , diving  in ,  fluffing  up  and  sending  water  flying . He has taken a liking  to Tania's Weet Bix , now  expects   a  serving   himself  first  thing  in  the morning ,  gets  stroppy  if she  sleeps in, which causes him to  utter bugger , bugger, bugger .  Seeing Tania  eat Yoghurt, he demanded  a  taste . Larry likes everything  to  be  shipshape  and  on  time .

Unbeknown to  Larry, Tania has put in an online  order with a Chinese  company  that sells  bird  requirements   for   a replacement  Purple People Eater , because  it is  well worn  and  needs  a  clean . He absolutely refuses  anyone  to  touch  his  PPE.  The plan is to distract him  when one of  his owners  pays a  visit , whip  out  the  scruffy Purple People  Eater  and  replace it  with  the  made  in China  import.

For  many  years,Tania looked after a Lorikeet , Beep-Beep ,who  got upset if he was  not  prepared  for  bed  at  a certain time in  the afternoon , his  toys  placed  close  by  in   set   positions.