Thursday, February 6, 2014


BRISBANE : A  great  day  in  Australian  naval  history .
Here  is  a  well  kept  secret :  Former   Prime Minister , Malcolm Fraser , was   knighted .  According to the  Brisbane  World  Expo  88  pictorial souvenir  program  , a   copy  recently    found    in   an  Op Shop  bin  , he is   identified  as  “  Sir Malcolm  Fraser  ”... having  an  amiable chat  with   Gough  Whitlam  at   Australia’s  biggest   ever  international   exposition , attended  by   the  Queen and  Phyllis  Diller .
 Statistics  for  the   amount   of   tucker   consumed   halfway  during   the  Expo  reveal   that  the  crowd   had   swallowed  enough  beer  to   fill  325  average   family   swimming   pools .  Visitor  Maggie   Thatcher , the  Iron  Maiden ,  went    skinny   dipping   in  a  pool  brimming  with  XXXX   beer –an  absurd  fib brewed  up  by  Little Darwin .
 Pie   consumption  (325,500)  was   paltry compared  to  hamburgers  (850,000), Dagwood dogs (675,000) and  hotdogs  (1,765,000 ). Australia  Day  seems  to  have  been  celebrated  by  some  kind of  obscene  pie  eating    competition   staged   for  the   media .

The  Northern  Territory  pavilion   highlighted  Uluru ,  Aboriginal art   and  featured  what   looked  like  mock  Devil’s  Marbles   from   down  Tennant  Creek  way.     In   the   Lost  and  Found   Department   ,  an orthodontic  plate, lost  and  found  on  an  amusement  park ride,  was   found  and  returned to  its  gummy owner.
 A  staggering  2941 children and  others   were  lost  and  found  up  to  halfway through  the  show .  A   woman  who  appears  to have been   the  Melbourne  entertainer  and  TV   identity ,  Jeanne  Little,  all in  white ,  wearing  an  ambassador’s  sash  and  a  huge  hat,   is   pictured   hamming   it  up  with  part  of   a  sausage  roll .    The last  we  heard  of  bubbly  Little  was  in  2012  when  it  was reported  she   had been admitted  to  a  home suffering  from AlZheimer’s   .  Star performers  included Normie  Rowe , John Denver and an echidna.  Circus OZ  performed for  the  first  time .  Down the Brisbane River sailed a pink submarine , with 35 tap dancers   all  dressed  in  pink, some  sailors  visible ,  like a scene  from a  certain  well  known  Mardi Gras   .EVEN THE AUSTRALIAN FLAG WAS PINK !!!