Sunday, February 23, 2014


Bearing  the  subversive  Balmain Teacher’ College Library  stamp , Sydney,  this  1944 book  is  expected  to  be   banned  in   Queensland. The   Newman Government   has  been shaken  by  the democratic voting  process after   another  absolutely  fabulous   LNP   candidate  was  skinned  in  a  by - election, this  time  in  the  seat  of   Redcliffe.       In    Brisbane  today ,  LNP  mugwump ,  Fritz von  Waffleburger  said  the  divisive   Danish   book , which   spreads  the   dangerous  idea  of   teaching  democracy  in  schools , could  result  in  scores  of   born  to  rule  conservative  politicians losing   their  seats in  the  near  future, not only in Queensland ,  but  Victoria  and  the  Northern Territory , where  a  former  Chief  Minister has  pulled the  plug  in  the Mango Madness  Season. 
The explosive book  tells  how  the   Danish  Folk  High  School  system  helped  the   country  stand  against  Hitler’s  forces  when  they  took over  the  country. This kind of stance   could undermine  the  Newman    sell   off  blitzkrieg , which  includes  schools .  Like  the  Feds ,  the Queensland  Government  frequently  shouts :" Seig Heil! We  are  open  for  business!"

Waffleburger   said   rude  opponents of  the  LNP  government , including  Lefty lawyers ,  repeatedly  stated   Queensland is like   Hitler’s  Germany  .  If   this  outrageous  misrepresentation  of   the   government  gained   momentum ,  a  dangerous   book  like   this   could  add  fuel  to  the  fire   and , more  importantly,  cause  voters  to  kick   the   Kaiser  out .
He  quoted  a  passage from  the  disturbing   book’s  foreword by  co-author Christopher Moller .  "In  Denmark   we  have created in our  people  a  real understanding  of the democratic way of  life , so  that  all  are   vividly  aware  that  this  is  the only path   for  us  to tread .  The proof of  our success  is  that the Nazi  and Fascist  ideologies  made  no  headway  among the Danish people ; they  saw through  their inequities  and shams  and  recognised  them  for  what  they  were – the negation  of everything   for  which  Denmark  had  long  been proud  to stand.  This is  not , of course,  due solely  to  the  Folk High Schools , but in considerable  and influential sections  of   the   people  the   work  the bulk of   these schools came  to  form a  bulwark  against  Nazism  and  Fascism."
Motorbike  club  knitting and literary  circles , the CWA   and Clive Palmer's dinosaurs  are snapping  up   copies of  EDUCATION  IN  DEMOCRACY which contains the  following early  quote .