Friday, February 14, 2014

MAGNAUTIC ISLAND TIMES EXCLUSIVE : Mere 63 verses in catchy Magnautitronland Anthem for World's Newest Monarchy

The Royal Poet Laureate-in waiting, Ian Pentameter of ‘Hemingwoy’, the fifth-from-last house on Magnautitronland Island Boulevard  (soon to be renamed ‘The Rue Royal’) wrote our  new anthem between shifts at the Magnautic Garbage Depot.  It will be sung by the Weiner Schnitzel Choir during the Coronation. Ian is working on 63  easy to remember  verses in total, and doing a  music arrangement for  massed kazoos and  wobble boards. Here’s  a  sample:

Magnautic Island, youse’re  the  place wot  gives  a  smile  to  every   face.
Down  in  the dumps  or suicidal, we’ll  cheer  youse  up,  yer’ll  find

No swamps and mangroves standin’ proud –

in  our National Park they’re not allowed,

We do like birds an grubs and trees - ‘live an  let live’s’  what we believes.
So all  youse  Gummunt dudes  an  bucarats, fuck off  outa  here ‘n eat  yer hats.

We’re  proud  an  free an  fulla  beans,
We’re   Magnautitronlandereens , wotever  that   means.