Sunday, February 9, 2014


Throwing  mud  , the  dredge , Brisbane , above,   represents    the  Abbott  Government   after  losing  the  Griffith by-election.  On  election night, Queensland Senator  George   Brandis , Q.C., the Attorney-General no less,   a  handy  man  to  help  steer  a   bumboat    because  of   his   skill  at  detecting   rodents  abandoning  ship   after   striking the   Barrier Reef  ,  seemed   jubilant   that   the  ALP   had  won !!!   What ??? Yes,  he  trumpeted,  the ALP had won, but the absolutely  fantastic  Liberal  National Party  candidate, who lost  yet  again,  had taken votes off  the Opposition .  It   was  a  performance which  outdid  that  of  Kevin Rudd  on  election  night  last  September . The   senator's  rosy view  of  the  election  outcome indicated  he  may  need  to  see  an   ophthalmologist.

Bemused viewers   wondered  if  he  had  been  into  the   Caribbean  tonsil  tickler   or was   suffering   from   sunstroke.  When , like  a  pirate’s parrot , he  went on  about  Electricity Bill  Shorten”,  loyal   supporters  started to   abandon  ship , despite  the  free  grog.  Is   this  the  Pirate Party  candidate or  the funny Bullet Train For Australia man?    nursing   home  residents  all over the nation  asked,  before  being  given a  nice  cup  of  hot , co-investment  Cadbury  chocolate   from  Tasmania   and   put   to   bed . 
The Abbott   ship of  state  is undoubtedly  heading  for  more  rocks once  the newspaper  polls  start  running   like  bomboras  .  Already  there has  been  mutiny in the  ranks  over  the  performance   of   the  skipper  and  his  petty officers.  Down in the   bilges , the   scurvy  Nationals  seem  to  be  mumbling   dissent , but it is hard to interpret  what  Barnaby is   saying  in  English  or  algorithms , as shown on Q and A . (God bless the ABC) .

One  first  mate   only  keeps  his   job   because it  is  said he  is  such  a blowhard  he   fills the  sails with  ease , highly desirable  when  you  are  in  the  political  doldrums and  inept  ministers  persist  in  shooting  an  albatross  a  day BURNING DECK VERSIONS : There are , of course,  variants of  the   boy standing on the burning deck, some of them crude , rude.  The  Spike  Milligan one  about  the  lad  playing  cricket  and a  ball bouncing up his  trouser  leg  would appeal to  the current  cricket  mad  nation. Then  there is  the one about  the  grotty boy  picking his nose ; another   youngster  had   a  nasty  experience  with  crackers. Expect fireworks when  parliament   resumes .