Monday, February 10, 2014


 Always  a  good  read , the  above  current edition  of  the  New Zealand  Genealogist contains  a  brief history  of   photography  in   that  country  and  the Auckland Libraries Photographers  Database.  The author , Keith Giles, the  Photographic Collections  Librarian  at  the  libraries ,  asks     anyone who  had   an  ancestor who  was a photographer in Kiwiland  and  can supply information for the database  to  please  make  contact.
The Sir George  Grey Special Collection  at the Auckland Central Library is also very keen  to receive  and ensure the   preservation  of  any  photographic  memorabilia , photographs , negatives, postcards  and  35mm  slides .

.Some of the colonial photographers  had  Australian  connections – Melbourne and Hobart, for example. In  his  illustrated article, Giles  includes  coverage  of  early  female  photographers .  The   cover  photo  of  the  journal   is   a  1903 shot of   five  photographers  in  Fiji , from  the   Henry  Winkelmann  Collection,   Auckland  War  Museum .