Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This  is  the   heading   in a   New  Zealand  Herald report.   Australians,  it states, could be  forgiven  for wondering  if  the Abbott  government  elected  in  September  is  the   most conservation –hostile  in living memory . The  article says  critics  warn  moves  by  Tony Abbott  and his  Environment Minister, Greg Hunt,  will not only  degrade  the country’s  most  outstanding assets , but make  Australia  an international laughing stock. Compounding  the  right –wing  government's apparent  disregard   for  the  unique environment , conservationists  and scientist  say   is   its  resistance  to  any   meaningful  action  to  tackle   climate change. 

In  Queensland,  it  continues,  the  health of  what is  widely  considered  Earth’s  greatest reef  is  being risked   so  that  Australia   can  ship  yet more coal   to China and  India , fueling  greenhouse gas emitting industries.   In respect  of  approval  for  expansion  of    Abbot  Point  coal export terminal , which would make it the  biggest port of  its kind in the  world, it points out it  involves dumping  millions of  tonnes of  sludge  from  massive  dredging  operations  on  the  reef.   

In  Europe  there  is  growing  concern   and  head  shaking  about  the  actions  of  the   Abbott Government  in respect of global warming and   conservation , especially  after  the  axing  of  three   key  agencies.  Just this week, the Suddeutsche  Zeitung   , the  largest  German  national  daily  newspaper , with  a  strong  overseas readership ,  ran    a  full page   on the  impact   of  global  warming  on  coral  reefs , with  specific  mention  of   the   threats  facing  the   Great  Barrier  Reef from the Abbott   regime. .  The   paper ,  with   a  readership  of  1.1 million , is  regarded  as  a  liberal  publication ,  centre   of   Left.