Thursday, November 3, 2016


Right  now  Townsville  is  awash in  IT jargon , recent  forums have been held  in which experts  in various   fields   have outlined how the  city can  make   assorted  giant  leaps  forward ,  become a  hub  for so many  activities - hub being the  current  buzz  word   in  spin , civic  and  Townsville  Bulletin  circles.

All  this professional  and technical  advice has been   showered on  the largest  city in  regional Queensland ...where  the Heritage listed  former  post  office  tower   clock , now part of a building known  as The Brewery , has not worked  for    yonks , it apparently  beyond   local  technical skills  to  remedy   and  the  powers  that  be  in  the town   don't   realise that it  is  a poor advertisement  for the Queen  City of the North  when it  cannot  boast  a  tropical  Big  Ben that works , the clock faces  showing  a  puzzling variety of  times  at   once.  
In earlier  times , the post office  corner was a  popular  venue for  many  political  rallies where  soap   box  orators   were   heard  .
After  Darwin was bombed by the Japanese  in 1942, the British built  clock in Townsville was dismantled  and placed  in storage, reinstored   in the l960s, then  followed   motor  trouble ; are  the  components in situ,  in  Never-Never Land or in   a  Japanese   scrapmetal  dealer's  yard ? 

But  yesterday,  the dynamic new spirit  abroad  in  Townsville  was  visible for all to see...a  Sunbus   driver  armed with a  plug in  torch , held in one hand , at eye level , sometimes higher , like a coal miner ,   which  enabled  him  to   read  the  panel on the ticket   dispenser  machine ,  the  tape in which  was   not   working  properly   at   the  start  of  a  run from  the  ferry  terminal  to   James  Cook University .

When asked  , later  in the  day, why   the  strange  torch  light  dance , the   driver  added  to  the bizarre situation by saying  the  ticket  dispenser  could  only  be  read  at   night  without  the  help  of  a  torch !!!