Friday, November 25, 2016


Territory bid for  cattle  empire

At  a  public meeting  in  Townsville ,  Bill Shorten , Leader of the Opposition in the House of  Representatives, during discussion on foreign investment in  Australia,   said  he  had liked  the  all-Australian  proposed  takeover  headed by   Sterling  Buntine, son of Territory  transport   pioneer  , Noel Buntine,   for  the  10.1 million hectare  Kidman  pastoral   estate , subsequently  outbid  by  the  Gina  Rinehart  / Shanghai CRED  $386 million  offer. Rinehart  has said that  she will  wholly acquire Kidman  if  the   FIRB and  PRC  do not approve .

Burning Political Issues

With the Michael Gunner ALP  Government still  settling  in  after its massive election victory over the chaotic  CLP  regime  , it  will be   interesting  to  see  how long it takes  to rectify  glaring  shortcomings  in  some  key departments  where  the  petty  actions  and   attitudes  of   some  in   high  places  is  incredible.

Lease of  Darwin  Port  to  Chinese "stupid " 
The Chinese consular official who sought asylum in Australia has  said that there are more than   a  thousand  Chinese  spies  in Australia  and  , shaking his  head , that  leasing the Port of Darwin  to the Chinese was  stupid . The Yanks , justifiably ,  used   stronger   language . It seems the   gobsmacked  Pentagon still cannot believe  that the federal government allowed the  NT  banana  republic  CLP  regime  to  sign the  port  over  to  the   Chinese .  There is a long  list of Aussies  in  high places  who  should  have  their  "ass  in a  sling ," a quaint American  expression .