Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The Pentagon, FBI  and  President  Obama  must be shaking their heads in collective disbelief  at  the latest  astonishing   news  that  former  Australian  Trade Minister , Andrew  Robb , has  signed up as  an economic consultant  to  the  Chinese  company Landbridge ,which  was incredibly given a 99-year  lease of the Port of  Darwin by the  incompetent  Country Liberal  Party  government  which was  blown  away  at  the last  election . The Americans, naturally, were annoyed  about   Canberra  okaying  the  lease, President  Obama  making  it clear to Malcolm Turnbull .  

Apart from our great and  powerful allies  being stunned by this appointment , the Australian  Defence  Association executive director, Neil James ,  reportedly said  it was inappropriate for Robb  to  take up the position , just seven months after  quitting  cabinet  , as  did  the Maritime Union of  Australia NT secretary , Thomas Mayor . It  was pointed out that former ministers are not able to take personal advantage of  confidential  information  they  had access  to as a minister and  banned   from  lobbying  the  government   for 18 months  after  leaving  office. 
Pluck a  duck and  Australia.   Andrew  Robb  proudly displays the  proposed  Trans Pacific  Partnership trade  pact ,  which   he  avidly promoted,    that  will  entrench transnational  corporations '  grip  on  the  throat of  the  nation, make  big pharma happy   and reduce our sovereign powers .  Both  Trump  and  Clinton  want   to  ditch  TPP .  Better  luck  flogging   spring  rolls,  dim  sims  and   fortune cookies at  the  Mindil Beach market in Darwin  ,  Andrew .

Strange as  it   sounds , Robb  did not think  there  was  anything amiss  taking up the  job  so soon after leaving politics  and  that  there was no need to  inform   PM  Turnbull that he  had  signed  what amounts to  a personal  trade   deal  with  Landbridge .  It is plain to see he was  not destined for a bright future in the  diplomatic cservice . Secret  Service , maybe .

Another  farcical aspect of  the port  lease  is that   Australian  Navy and Border  Security  vessels which  use  the port  have  to  pay  millions  to  the  Chinese !!! Special facilities at those berths  were built  and   paid  for   by  Australia  at  great  expense, a fact which has received  little media  attention. 

Darwin  was  bombed by  the  Japanese to  protect   its  invasion of  Timor .

Spare a  thought  for the  unfortunate populace  of East Timor after the war who only wanted to run their own country after   the Portuguese  pulled out , but  the  military strategists  , warmongers  and   domino   players   warned  a  free  Timor could become a  Chinese  base right  on  Australia's  doorstep . As a result, the Timorese were subjected to nearly a quarter century of atrocities after the Indonesians got  the   green light  from the  US   to  invade  and  Australia and the rest of  the  world  turned  a blind eye  to  the  slaughter.    Now a  Chinese company  is  running  Port   Darwin ,  the  gateway to Australia , and  the  US   Marines  are  increasing   their   activities  with   our  forces  in  the NT .