Sunday, November 27, 2016


From Townsville to  Cairns ,  there has been  an explosion  in advertising  signs  , unnoticed  by the media but for the  episode  of  the  proposed   large  sign near the  Good Shepherd  retirement   village  in Townsville  which caused  a  kerfuffle .  Huge   billboards  are  being  installed all  over the country   , automated signs are  now  all  the rage at  major intersections. There was a  time  when  the sainted   Mother  Mary  McKillop , who  got  the run  around  from  the  grumpy   wine  swilling  Catholic hierarchy in Adelaide and  Rome  , seemed  to   dominate the  advertising streetscape  in Townsville.  Not anymore . She  may have  even  inspired  the merchants of  Mammon   to  king size  billboards , go electronic , digital .
Entire  buildings are  being turned into huge , brightly painted  advertisements, especially in  the pharmacy trade , also  by  vendors  and  services in other  fields.  Large  signs  are  visible    along the railway line  from   Townsville  to  Cairns , one  far from Townsville  claiming  it  is  Cowboys  rugby league  territory , fueling  the hysteria that if Townsville does not get a  super duper  stadium , them  thar  Northerners will  purloin  the  team .
The Herbert  Hotel  in  Townsville , where  controversial  comedian Louis Beers , who posed as   Aboriginal  King Billy Cokebottle , banned from  appearing at  the Crown Casino in Melbourne ,  is said to  have imbibed,  opposite Woolworths in the CBD ,  is  a  favoured   advertising spot , even  used  by  the Townsville   Bulletin  some time back  , along  with legal   firms  and  other    businesses . As  this  heavenly positioned  Paradise  Signs  sign  over  the pub states , big  signs  mean  big  business.
Banners are also causing  a  flap in the advertising    world , as the  snap  below of the venerable Cairns Post  newspaper  shows .
On  Magnetic  Island  there has been an outbreak of advertising signs - at the terminal  shopping centre  and   those  at Nelly Bay . The  terminal itself is being offered up  for advertising opportunities .  Soon  there will be more  dazzling signs  and  multi  coloured  umbrellas  than  cane  toads   in  Queensland ... must go , tapping at the  back  door is a clear sign  that  the Curlews have come back for seconds .