Wednesday, November 16, 2016


While the Little Darwin ranch  was  left  unattended  because  of our  attendance at  a  successful  community forum  headed  by  the  federal  Leader of the Opposition , Bill Shorten   (ALP )  , in Townsville , our resident backyard   Curlews hatched   two  fluffy  chicks . As a result , they  have been  named Bill , after  the ALP  chief  , and  Koo , after the American actress , Koo Stark , who not only had a   close association with   Prince Andrew   but   played  Camie  in  Star  Wars . Was it  the wicked  News of the World who called her  Koo Starkers , or some other Pommie  tabloid ?  The  naughty French  papers  may also have given  her  a  flutter.  

The arrival of  the  birds  reopens  the  night  time  war to  try and   prevent  the   Barking  Owls  and other predators  from  killing  the   chicks . The previous  healthy looking  chick was   snatched   by   an owl  before our  very  eyes.   Other  baby Curlews in the area have   been  taken  during  the  night . Two  lucky ones were   moved   inside  a  home for  protection  , the subject of  an   upcoming , touching  story .
Koo with   parent   who   moonlights  as  a   fan  dancer .