Monday, November 14, 2016


Kookaburras during  tucker  time  at  Queen's residence
It is  with great pride we announce that Little Darwin has been  appointed aide- de-camp to the limp  falling  Queen of  the Jungle. She  turned  up on our  doorstep  all shook up  after tripping , rocketing  forward, denting a car  panel (with her head ? ) , hurting her wrist and  collecting   assorted   abrasions. The ambulance  was   called , she went off to the   after hours clinic   and  now has a wrist   held  in a permanent  splint , facing a  possible  operation   on   a  thumb .

Larry the cussing  Lorikeet , boarding with  the  Queen , took one look at her the day of  the accident and  sympathetically  muttered,"Bugger ! Bugger!  Bugger !"

In her incapacitated  state , the Queen of  the Jungle, by proclamation, made  Little Darwin   her  chauffeur and carrier   when  she  goes  shopping for  items bought in bulk  to feed  a  large part of the Magnetic Island  wildlife-Curlews , Lorikeets , Galahs , Cockatoos ,  Kookaburras, Plovers   and  assorted  troublemakers like  Crows , Currawongs , a  Dodo or  three .  

Galahs  waiting  for  royal  dinner  gong .
A typical outing with the Queen involves pushing  a shopping trolley about a supermarket  and at  her  regal direction  picking up two 8kg  bags of  dried  dog  food (soaked before  put out for the flocks ),  four  large   meat rolls ( beef and  chicken ), several packs  of bananas on  special - for  her Possums , some of which  disturb  the  nesting  Curlews  and  slumber  at  the  Little Darwin sanitarium .

The Queen is then driven home with this pile of  tucker , the  dog food pellets  put into a  large barrel so that it can be scooped out with her  good  hand , rolls  go into the  frig .  
Little Darwin  arranged for   Her Most Germanic  Majesty  to be driven  about Townsville  so  that  the painful  wrist   and  other  vital  parts could be x-rayed .  She responded  by  taking  the forelock tugging  bloggers   to   Otto's  famous   eatery  where  a  mushroom pie  and   latte  went  down the  driver's  hatch while she wolfed  into the  Black Forest Cake , which made her  homesick .
Cheeky Larry has offered to  tap the Queen's thumb with his new  toy - a hammer -in a  bid  to straighten  out  her wrist . He is  so pampered by Her Majesty that  each morning , as they listen to Fran Kelly on Radio National , she feeds him   with  Greek  yoghurt  on  a  solid silver  spoon   she was given as a child back in Germany .  

A bone density test  carried out on the Queen , believe it or not, has revealed she has  the  bones of  a  40  year older , which  she  attributes  to having lived on a German farm when she was  young, drinking  lots of  milk... as if it was the  teetotallers'  answer  to  the  Munich  Beer  Festival .